Most notably, the practice environment and the number of institutions that exist in the medical field have an effect on the incidence of malpractice claims. The culture can influence whether or not medical errors are being made based on the number of patients who are having a medical procedure done and the practice environment. The most recent study examining malpractice claims against IMGs shows a slight increase in malpractice claims in the most populous of the specialties. Although sovaldi sofosbuvir 400 mg price statistically significant, it provides further evidence, sovaldi sofosbuvir 400 mg price surgery, that malpractice claims are increasing. Although the study is very short, it is important to highlight that the findings do not indicate an increase in malpractice claims by general surgeons. Daklinza sofosbuvir to an increased frequency of malpractice claims by IMGs, there has been an increase in the number of claims made against IMGs in all specialties that have a high percentage of foreign-born patients. There is little evidence that they have worse clinical or clinical outcomes.

The authors of that study believe that the IMGs' greater training and better access to services was not because they were better physicians in Canada and the United States but because of the fact that the IMGs were better able to navigate the health care system. IMG residency is not in clinical care, but in a relatively limited set of services. It also points to a problem, which will become more apparent as more IMGs are forced into the health care system. That is that although the IMGs may be better trained than their non-IMG counterparts, they are not better treated.

It has become common practice to force IMGs into expensive, specialized and highly controlled specialties, which are typically better treated on the basis of the skills and experience of their IMG counterparts. It does seem that the medical community has become so convinced and comfortable with IMGs that they are routinely denied the benefits that should flow from their education. IMG-trained residents are treated better than non-IMG-trained residents. IMG training programs should offer more education to their physicians and train physicians to provide more treatment in an inpatient setting. IMGs in a comprehensive health care plan. There is more that should be done. Daklinza sofosbuvir example, the authors recommend the creation of specialized centers which would offer inpatient services and other specialties.


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