However, this would mean the loss of many of the services that were being provided in previous hospitals, and would result in the closure of many more hospitals. This option would be equally as problematic as the previous ones. Make the existing hospital disappear entirely. The government would have to do this on a massive scale; the cost of this would be prohibitive for most governments.

This is just a small sample of the options that the government could use to limit a hospital to save it; many more could be implemented. So, to answer the question from the previous blog post: The best way to save a hospital is not to save it by shutting it down, but rather by making it obsolete as quickly as possible. It is impossible, of course, to create a system which would be entirely free, so that, whatever may be the merits of the system in question, no one would lose by its adoption. The fact is that markets create the incentives that make rationing so common.

It is, in short, a self-limiting situation to ration because when markets get too big, they crowd out those who can no longer afford it. Rizatriptan maxalt the UK, for example, the market economy has created a system where primary care physicians are paid a fixed amount every year to see each patient. Because these rizatriptan maxalt limited in the amount they can charge, they have to ration care in the same way they would ration a basic income.

The result is that there is a real rationing system. This is why it's so important to have a basic income to address the problem of insufficient health care resources. When it comes to primary care, for example, primary care doctors are not free because they are being pressured to ration care. Instead, they are forced to ration their limited medical resources and are incentivized to use them less efficiently in order to reduce overall health care costs and maximize patient satisfaction. A basic income could, in fact, be a model of a universal health care system: the government could simply set aside an unlimited amount of money to pay for health care, and would ensure that the resources would be used as efficiently as possible. In other words, a basic income is not just a way of reducing rationing, but also a universal system where health care would be free to those who need it in the most efficient way.


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