While the government and insurance companies might not be actively making the health care system worse, they are simply not providing as much value for the dollar to people like you and me. When the government provides you with health insurance, you can expect to get a premium and that will probably cost more than a few dollars, but the premium is a fraction of what you will spend on other medical expenses that your insurance plan can't even cover. It also is the kind of premium that will likely not be the result you're used to. That means that, while the government provides health care to you, a number of people do not. This is especially true if you are poor. Health insurance is not the only form of government assistance available to poor people. The other forms of aid are limited and may sometimes not be very effective.

Families First is an acronym for Fisker Automotive, the company that manufactured the troubled Karma luxury electric car. The program was intended to help low-income families who couldn't afford a car, but the Karma's price of$37,847 before federal subsidies was so high that a family of four who earns$20,000 a year would need to borrow at least$28,000 a year just to afford it. So the government may be able to provide support for people who are trying to buy a car, but it is not a program to help people who cannot afford one. The lack of options is a problem not only because people like me will spend our money on health care that isn't guaranteed and that will not come with a guarantee of coverage.

While we might have some sympathy for those who choose these options and wish to help ease suffering for others, we certainly should not deny coverage to people who simply do not wish to pay. Oxytetracycline the past few weeks, the federal government has sent letters to nearly 40 million people. Affordable Care Act, a piece of legislation called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 that will provide Americans with coverage for health care and make sure that their health care is covered when they are sick. I wrote about it in the December 2011 issue of The New Yorker, but today I think it's important to revisit a bit of the history that has come before the ACA, because the Affordable Care Act will have some very serious consequences for people who are poor. The story of how that happened is pretty remarkable.


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