As an added bonus, rosiglitazone is an effective therapy for adults, and for children in whom it has not been effective, it is available for free. Unfortunately, the price tag for this drug, when applied to a large population, can be prohibitively large, even after considering medical advances. If a drug were sold without this cost factor, patients would be able to afford a much cheaper option. Günther Günter of the Federal Association for the Care of Patients and the Society for Healthcare Administration. In Italy, Italy's government, which controls the country's health insurance system, is moving ahead with what it views as an overdue reform. In the past, the state had taken on responsibility for most of health care--that is, it had the ability to determine what patients could and could not be insured for--but with the creation of the new state-run insurance plans, which are intended to replace the public insurance systems which are now inoperative, that will no longer be the case. To ensure that patients do not see their current care as freebies, the government has begun to provide reimbursement for the cost of some of the services provided to the sick.

And in the United States, where the federal government controls the most important sectors of public health care, there is some progress. But this progress is not enough, said President Clinton, and there is an urgent furacin nitrofurazone soluble dressing greater federal intervention. In Spain, the political system has finally reached a point where furacin nitrofurazone soluble dressing to matter much whether the public health service works. The right's campaign promises, that will cost the public treasury at least another trillion dollars, are not the same as those made a generation ago when they promised to restore the nation's economic stability. The left's campaign promises may be more promising, but their costs will be much higher in real terms. It is clear that the left's promises are designed to provide a better service, even if they will leave Spain with a less efficient and healthier citizenry than before. The right's promises seem to be designed to provide a better service, even if they will leave Spain with an increasingly wasteful and ill-informed citizenry.

What, then, should be the solution? But if there is any common ground, it is the belief that our society has to make a fundamental shift in our perspective. If we accept that people are fundamentally not like animals and should be given equal value before the law, then the solution is obvious. In this sense we could say that our health care system is failing. And it is obvious to any rational person who examines the data. In the United States, for example, in the first two weeks of the year there were 10,722 hospital admissions, of which 5,566 were minor. Only four of these patients were admitted because the patient complained of chest pain.


Furacin can be used in treatment infections. It works by killing bacteria or preventing their growth.