The limit would be adjusted annually, but would remain at 50 applicants. There is a lot more in the proposal. It's a good idea; it's a good initiative. The proposed change would be a serious setback to the global medical education community. In their petition to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the coalition included members of the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the American Pain Society, and the National Association of State Boards of Medical Examiners. Their petition argued for a five-year moratorium on the entry of IMGs into the United States, a requirement for them to have residency training in their home state, a requirement that they obtain a waiver from a state department prior to applying for and obtaining a teaching license, and a requirement that they undergo a pre-licensing training program in their own state as they seek to practice medicine in another state after returning from residency. The petition also demanded that foreign-trained physicians in the United States should receive training equivalent to that of their home country's medical school graduates, as recommended by the Institute of Medicine. IMG physicians to practice, then the government needs to put its foot down, and let them practice in the States.

So far, the response from the Trump administration has been mostly silent. Ledipasvir with only a month left before the inauguration, a number of Trump's cabinet nominees have indicated that he might be open to a medical-immigration program. That may be good for the medical economy.

A lot of people say it is a no-brainer. In my opinion, it would make a lot of sense. In an interview with the New York Times, Dr. Carson also hinted at a plan to expand a program already in place in the United Kingdom, in which international students who complete post-graduate education in the United States can gain a residency in the United Kingdom.


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