Cloning itself creates new risks, but the greatest risks may come from the use of the technology to create more human cloning centers in the future. These centers will be used to raise more clones, in the hope that one of them might be a better geneticist than the last and produce a better person for the society. Chlorpromazine(thorazine) important to remember that if these new facilities do not produce people who can solve society's problems, the use of this new technology could turn into something more like eugenics--the use of selective breeding for the purpose of creating the perfect human being. New drugs to treat cancer, chlorpromazine thorazine side effects that can cure or cure in part or in whole the underlying disease that is destroying lives, will have to be invented or developed. The most likely targets of the development will be the most expensive and time consuming treatments for cancer, or perhaps treatments that will produce the side effects of thorazine chlorpromazine the greatest number of lives. These therapies will not be simple to test or administer because they will require highly specialized training in medicine and the science of cloning.

The new therapies, however, can be used much sooner in people who already have advanced cancer or who have already died and who can be cured by surgery. It is not impossible that cloning of a person will allow one to use the patient as a test animal for a new drug. In addition, the new technologies of cloning and drug delivery could bring to the market a number of new drugs, or treatments that have never yet been developed by a pharmaceutical company because the companies have to chlorpromazine thorazine side effects each new disease or condition the cloning technology can cure. The possibility of cloning of an entire human could open up some of the most significant areas of cancer research, such as the development of new drugs for treating cancer and other serious disorders. There will be other ethical concerns about the medical application of the technology. Some people will object to the cloning of people for the treatment of diseases that are not caused by the cloning technology.

This might make cloning difficult in the long run and may force the creation of new medical procedures to treat cancer. Others will argue that the medical use of the technology should be limited to the people who need the procedures, because there may not be a need to clone someone to develop a side effects of thorazine chlorpromazine an illness, unless a cancer is really terminal. For example, there are very effective and inexpensive drugs that can cure cancer in people who are very sick and who don't have a good chance of survival.


Thorazine is used to treat certain mental or mood disorders.