The clinical betamethasone vs temovate psoriasis-causing cells, for example, was stopped, partly because of a failure to find an approach that would make the immune system cells recognize and produce the antibodies. There are, however, temovate vs betamethasone that immunotherapy, with antibodies targeted primarily at psoriasis-causing cells, may prove effective in a large population of patients with other forms of autoimmune disease as well. The question, then, is not whether a particular therapy will be successful for a particular disease. The reason for thinking that it might be is that there is a very large body of anecdotal evidence about how treatments like immunotherapy work in patients with certain types of autoimmune diseases, and how they might work for another form of autoimmune disease.

Some of these aristocort vs betamethasone from the use of antibodies produced in the digestive tract by the immune system to clear food-borne organisms from the stomach and small intestine. This procedure, called immunization, has been used to treat psoriasis, aristocort vs betamethasone was not developed with psoriasis specifically in mind. It was developed, instead, for use in other autoimmune diseases, and it has been used successfully for psoriasis. It is important to understand that immunotherapy is not therapy. The concept is that the immune system may be able to produce specific antibodies to psoriasis-causing cells in some patients. When such an antibody is produced, the immune system of the patient can recognize it and block the attack from the gut. This might work in the majority of cases in the presence of the normal immune system.

It might also be successful in some people, but only in some. The reason for thinking that it might not be is that the immune system itself is complex and varies according to the disease. And there are indications that it does not betamethasone vs temovate in people with autoimmune disorders, because the antibodies produced by the immune system are produced at times that are not associated with the symptoms. In addition, in most cases the patient's immune system has not fully developed in that person. It is not clear that this approach will be effective for psoriasis, temovate vs betamethasone be successful in other autoimmune diseases.


Lotrisone inhibits growth of several types of fungi.